E30 Products





E30 LowTec Suspension options:
Front/rear 40/35MM Drop
Front/rear 60/35MM
Front/rear 60/50MM
Front/rear 30/30MM
Front/rear 30/25MM (E30 M3 only)
Springs only Sale $229 shipped USA
Springs/Struts/Shocks Sale $599 shipped USA


Alpina Dead Pedal $149 This is a genuine Alpina part, NOT a replica (List $252)

ACS Pedal Set (Manual or Automatic) $239 These are genuine ACS
parts, NOT replicas

E30 Remus Exhaust System
E30 Remus Exhaust System
E30 Remus Exhaust System


Remus Cat. back system available with 2 x 84mm or 2 x 90mm tips.
Also available with angled tips
For 325i and 325is
Only $799


AC Schnitzer Knob

AC Schnitzer Handle








Alpina E30 380mm Steering Wheel

Alpina E30 380mm 4 Spoke Steering Wheel


AC Schnitzer

AC Schnitzer Blackline Gear Knob $279 (Black/silver)

AC Schnitzer Handbrake handle $199 (Black or silver)





Alpina Floormats. Set of 4 $219 (List $382)









Alpina Lanyard $14.95









Alpina Front Spoiler $499  (List $910)
This is a genuine Alpina part, NOT a replica.Available for all E30's with or without A/C




Alpina Trunk Spoiler $479  (List $810)
This is a genuine Alpina part, NOT a replica.


Alpina 360mm Steering Wheel 3 Spoke $559 (List $865)

Contact us for all genuine Alpina parts

Alpina 380mm Steering Wheel $479





Alpina 380mm Steering Wheel 4 Spoke $559 (List $865)

Alpina Mousepad $10

Alpina Key Fob $39





M-Technic 2 Replica Kit

M-Technic 2 Kopi  Body Kit: Includes Rear valance/bumper cover, Front Bumper and Front Lower Lip Spoiler. (Does not include side panels,trunk spoiler or side skirts). Fits '89-'91 models (Plastic Bumpers only) Only $999 (Our Kopi M Technic 2 parts are imported from Europe).
Individual Prices:

Kopi M-Technic 2 Front Bumper - only $299

Kopi M-Technic Front Lower Lip Spoiler- only $299

$579 for the 2 Pc Kopi M Tech 2 Front bumper/spoiler Set.

Rear Kopi M Tech 2  2pc Trunk Spoiler (Polyurethane) - only $489
Rear Kopi M Tech 2 Valance/bumper combo - only $499
ABS Rieger Sideskirts Set 2 or 4 door - only $279 set

Kopi M Tech 2 Front Bumper, Spoiler and Rear Bumper/Skirt combo $999

Kopi M Tech 2 kits also available for early metal bumper E30's. Front Bumper/Lower Lip Spoiler combo - only $699; Rear Valance/Bumper combo - only $549. SPECIAL $999 for both!

Rieger Side Skirts

Rieger ABS Side Skirt Set (2 door/convertible or 4 door) Sale $279 shipped

Kopi ACS Rear Apron

ACS Kopi Rear Apron (Plastic bumper only, (Made in Europe from Fiberglass) $299


BMW E30 M3 EVO III Splitter




BMW E30 M3 EVO II Front Lip

OEM E30 M3 EVO III Splitter

Spoiler $529
Splitter $379
Cover $39
Gasket $19



OEM E30 M3 EVO II Front Lip

OEM EVO II Front Lip $489

OEM E30 M3 Evo Wing w/Flap

OEM EVO III rear wing $1799

E30 Smoked Euro Ellipsoids










European Headlights

E30 OEM Hella European Clear Ellipsoids (with Smilies and City Lights) $699 Set





E30 OEM Hella French Yellow Euro Ellipsoids $899 a set




E30 Smoked Ellipsoids with Smilies $249 shipped USA











Turn Signals

E30 Smoked Turn Signals (plastic bumpers only/ non M3) $49 Set. These are the complete units with buckets and wiring - not just the lenses. Lenses have a shiny finish.

MHW Kopi Clear or Smoked Turn Signal lenses (plastic bumpers only / non M3) $44 Set


MHW Kopi Clear Turn Turn Signal lenses (E30 M3) or early E30 (metal bumpers) Clear $44 Set and Smoked $44 a set

MHW Kopi Smoked Turn Signal lenses (E30 M3) or early E30 (metal bumpers) Clear $44 Set and Smoked $44 a set




Clear Sidemarkers for bumpers (late E30).
$19 Each



Side Repeaters

E30 Smoked Side Repeaters (Attach to front fenders) $49 Set


E30 Clear Side Repeaters (Attach to front fenders) $49 Set


E30 Europeean Shadowline Kidney Grills (for all E30's) $49 Set. Complete Kidneys/ Not Just Covers

E30 Kopi European Grills (for all E30's) with foam gaskets $99. Sale $69 Set-Free USA delivery!

-Euro Grills have a more aggressive eyebrow look and offer better airflow to the engine

Special Package Deal (Late E30's):

E30 Euro Grills+Euro Shadowline Kidneys+Smoked Kopi MHW Turnsignal Lenses+OEM Euro License Plate Filler $259 shipped USA

Euro Grills plus Euro Shadowline Kidneys $109 shipped USA



E30 Eyelids (ABS plastic) $44 Set

Rieger Infinity Lip

E30 Rieger Infinity Lip Spoiler-shown on right (ABS plastic) Sale $239 shipped

($299 shipped Canada)

E30 Rieger Infinity Lip Splitter (shown on right) (ABS plastic) Sale $239 shipped
Fits under Lip Spoiler


+ Special Offer

Special-buy both the Spoiler and Splitter for $399 shipped (USA)



E30 M3 Door Sills 



E30 OEM IS Side Skirt 









E30 Early European License Plate Holder




BMW Motorsport Floormats




E30 M3 Door Sills $449 pair









OEM E30 IS Sideskits w/ mounting hardware $279 shipped








OEM Evo 3 Hood and Bumper Seals 3Pc set $129

OEM Evo 3 Hood Seal $29.95 each (left or right)

OEM Evo 3 Bumper Seal $69.95














E30 M3 Euro Tow Hook Covers 10 Pc Kit
Consists of:
2 Tow Hook Covers
4 Clamps
4 Straps
$59 shipped USA



OEM E30 "IS" Front Lip Spoiler $169 shipped USA-includes 10 mounting clips


OEM E30 "IS" Trunk Spoiler $159 shipped USA

Special: OEM E30 "IS" Front Lip Spoiler+OEM E30 "IS" Trunk Spoiler $299 shipped USA

OEM "I" Front Lip $149 shipped USA

E30 4Pc OEM Euro Bumper Trim (removes the side signals for a cleaner look-plastic bumpers only) $179 4pc set

(Rear center piece also available $79)

E30 OEM M-Technic Seat Badges $49 4pc Set (front and rear)

E30 OEM Euro License Plate Filler Sale $119 (Late E30 with Large Taillights)

E30 OEM Euro License Plate Filler Sale $59 (Early E30 with Small Taillights and M3)




E30 OEM M-Oil Cap $19

E30 OEM BMW Warning Triangle $69

E30 OEM BMW First Aid Kit $89

E30 First Aid Kit w/ Warning Triangle $59

OEM M-Technic Chrome Gear Knob $99

E30 OEM M-Technic 2 370mm Steering Wheel $669 (your choice Leather or Alcantara)







M Grill Emblem $45 shipped






E30 Motorsport Floor Mats $99 4Pc Set
OEM Quality














M Emblem 5cm stick on $49 shipped




Genuine Carbon Fibre Oil Cap $59 ea.